Sharon & Phil

I met Phil at least seven years ago through some mutual friends.  He just emits such happines and is always present in the moment. If you are talking with him he gives you his full attention. Now it looks like someone has caught his undivided attention and has made this man even happier.

 I had not seen Phil for at least six years until I met up with the two of them about doing their wedding. I had no clue he got engaged when his fiancé contacted me about doing her wedding and engagement photos. So I responded to her as I normally do when someone contacts me regarding any photography needs. Thought the process of emailing back and forth I found out she was engaged with and would be marrying Phil. This made me so happy.

Meeting up with these two, talking and doing their engagement photos I got a glimpse of how they are together. It looks to me that they are a great match and make each other so happy. They communicate well and are committed and passionate people with strong convictions. I know this relationship with last test of time. They deserve all the the happiness and love they bring to each other. 

This was a fun and relaxing engagement shoot that we did in Scarborough down some trails. The weather was good and the leaves on the trees had changed colours making for a beautiful background. Also it was a fun shoot because my beautiful wife did Sharon's makeup for the day and will be doing her wedding makeup. All in all it was a great shoot and I am so glad that they found each other.